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Your security and confidentiality are extremely important to us Trust and untroubled free spirit are the basis for productive cooperation. Guarantee it with an NDA contract. Now let's talk. Show us your idea, tell us about your needs. Let's determine who and how will use the application.

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Security and confidentiality
Tell us about your goals When you feel safe it's time to talk about the details. For what purpose are you planning to create an application? Who it should be addressed to, when you plan to take off, and much, much more. This will allow us to determine exactly how we can help you. Often the fastest way is to collect the necessary information in an e-mail. This will allow us to get acquainted with the project and discuss it in detail with the team and appropriate specialists. In other cases, we'd love to discuss Together on Google Meet.
Your goals
Your project takes shape Your goal - what is it? This is very important information for us. The more we know, the better we feel about your potential users or customers. This will allow us to become more involved in the project. At this stage, we will include our specialists in various fields. This will allow us to predict potential problems. It will take us a long time to discuss your ideas. But believe it's worth it! Where we consider it appropriate, we will propose improved solutions.
Your project takes shape
Let's talk about the price and action plan. Let's talk about your goal for a moment longer. This is extremely valuable information enabling a more accurate valuation. Depending on the project, the total price for the application will be divided into parts for achieving the milestones that we will agree at the beginning. This will allow you to spread the costs over time.You will bear the costs of what has already been done and meets your expectations.
Price and action plan
Mockup and graphic design This is where our designers enter the game. They will prepare a wireframe, a full mock-up and graphic designs of your application. All this taking into account the highest industry standards and solutions recommended by Google and Apple.
Mockup and GUI
Let's build it! When you accept the graphic designs, it's time to build. It is a time consuming stage. Back-end, front-end, developers... The mockup takes real shape - it will take a while. The next stage is based on the use of only well-known and tested technologies - tests will start and you will be able to submit comments.
App building
It is already here. Almost. It's almost over. There are still final tests left. Depending on your budget, we can take care of the tests, or if you wish, they will be on your side. The big day and the publication of the application will take place when we are all satisfied with the final result.
Almost done
Let's show it to the world. Congratulations! Your application is ready. Time to show off. For this purpose, it must be published on Google Play and the App Store. Unless your application is to run only inside your organization. In any case, we will help you prepare descriptions, photos and videos that will also accompany the application and its distribution on various platforms.
App publishing
Development and support. Your app is ready and works fine. From time to time, service and development work will be needed. Although we make every effort, errors may occur. But don't worry about it. You always get a 6-month warranty period from us, during which we will remove any errors at no additional cost. If you are satisfied with the cooperation, we can continue cooperation after the warranty expires.
Development and support

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