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  1. Where do we start our cooperation?
  2. Project valuation - how to prepare?
  3. What about graphic designs - should I prepare them?
  4. Copyrights - what about them?
  5. What about the guarantee, does the price include it?
  6. Can I develop the app in the future?
  7. I am thinking about marketing my application, can you help?
  8. I would like a large / small project. Will you help?
  9. Will you make a movie for my application?
At the beginning, we will examine your needs. We will talk about your idea. About who and how will use your solution. We will start by collecting all the necessary information in the email. This will allow us to get acquainted with the project and discuss it in detail with the team and relevant specialists.. Sometimes that's enough. Do you need to talk? We'll be happy to discuss the details on Google Meet

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Simple solutions are usually the best - we like the ones in Together the most. We prefer a fixed price per hour of our work. You will present us what you need. We engage the appropriate specialist depending on your project. We prepare a quote. The Foundation issues an invoice for the actual scope of work based on an hourly rate. Without a small print. Just like that!
Of course, you can prepare projects and then we prepare the application according to your idea. If you do not have a project, do not worry, here you can also count on our help and commitment both in terms of graphics. We are very eager to engage in the creative process. It is important to meet your expectations. And the users were satisfied with the results of our work. Specialists in their field - this is how UX / UI designers at Together should be described.
Pretty simple. - you are the owner. Everything belongs to you. Forever. The rights to the product belong to you, we specify it clearly in the contract that we sign at the very beginning of cooperation.
Yes of course! On the day of starting the application, you get a 6-month warranty. If there is a problem or defect that we did not notice, neither we nor you during testing, we fix the problem as soon as possible.
Naturally, no problem. Each time we make sure that we use new technologies and popular programming languages, the same applies to frameworks, it allows for continuous development. Yes, we are really good at what we do, our code will prove it!
It depends on your marketing strategies. Often so different for different applications. We will provide professional support in many situations. If you need an instructional video, an animation presenting your application, we will be happy to help you in many other situations also! However, this will not always be possible. But don't worry. We are constantly developing our network of cooperation and contacts, we know people who will be an ideal support in such situations and we will be happy to contact you.
Of course yes! Projects longer than 3 months? Fantastic, we like them a lot. Do you need something for now? No problem. We are happy to take on the challenges of creating applications such as Tinder or Uber as well as other popular applications aimed at serving millions of users - we have a lot of fun with them. We do not hide that the Foundation is preparing one just for itself. There is probably no better assurance than the fact that we prepare such an application for ourselves. With such applications, we use cloud solutions that allow the application to be used by many users. At the same time, we cooperate with our partners who will take care of the appropriate configuration and cost optimization.
We may not have our own recording studio, but we can help you! We make More engaging productions Together with our partners. They organize a studio and actors. If you need an instructional film, an animation presenting your application or other smaller production, you must know that we have contact with many well-known professional dubbing actors, we work with screenwriters who were involved in the Polish language versions of Harry Potter, Minions, Shrek, Penguins from Madagascar, Venom and other top productions. If you already have recordings, just want someone to edit them, we are here to help.

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