What is the cost of creating the application,

so what should I take into account?

It is extremely difficult to unequivocally define what budget should be used to create an application. The costs should include the specification, application prototype, graphic design, implementation of all components, internal tests, acceptance tests and application implementation. This makes the application release price range very wide. They can start at the level of several thousand zlotys and reach even hundreds of thousands of zlotys. If we plan to include long-term maintenance and support, these costs will increase even more. In Together you will pay for the actual scope of work based on the hourly rate. We only settle the hours worked related to the project. Together with you, we will try to optimize costs. This is due to the fact that we do not prefer redundant things. They can effectively limit the fun from the creative process of creating something cool - your application. In order to visualize the costs of creating an application, you need to answer a few questions.
It is necessary to carefully focus on the functionalities of the application. We should define how complex the project will be. It is important to plan: methods of user profile registration and login system, possibly payment methods, whether and how many 3D models will be required by the application, define services. Will it be necessary to integrate the application with existing systems such as Google Maps and choose additional settings for each user? The number of application elements and the time we spend on its creation will significantly determine the cost of its release.
No less important aspect is the operating system for which the application is dedicated. Whether it will be Android, iOS or both is an important question that needs to be answered. Maybe you need a VR goggle app, in which case you will also need to choose the right approach and invest the right amount of time.
Consider whether the system should be supervised by someone - in many cases this will be the case. This involves the need to create an administration panel. Such a panel can be a solution limited to publishing new content. However, you can use it much more widely, in case of any problems it can act as a kind of mediator between contacts with users. In fact, such a panel can function as a control system for almost every aspect of your application. Content management, administration panel, form of communication with users. It is an important element both from the point of view of the project life as well as its valuation.
External communication or a system that works only within user devices. Means servers and databases. You should think about it at the beginning. It is a more complex and complicated topic. Although for most of them a simple system is enough, it is not necessary for every project. If your application does not require creating user accounts, you do not need an extensive server infrastructure. However, when you know / plan many users who will be active, it is important to consider various types of cloud solutions. They can generate additional costs - it all depends on the necessary services and the load they can generate.

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